Why to choose us

Our main idea is to connect clever and reliable employees with excellent employers to create a successful company and make by their services the largest number of satisfied customers. 

Our goal is to find a clever, energetic, customer-oriented people who love working, and their enthusiasm and dedication will become a welcome element and irreplaceable benefit for your enterprise/company.

We try to bring for your company employees who are not afraid to work with smile, who are skillful, fast and they handle various tasks through their energy. Thanks to their cleverness they can do a large amount of work and so reduce the costs of the hotel. 

We also focus on cooperation with graduates of vocational schools and people with rich and long-term experience in the industry.

Why to choose us

  • Long-term experience
    with work in Scandinavia
  • Individual treatment
    custom-made for you
  • Research of candidates
    skills, personality and motivation
  • Database of prospects
    from which we choose the right ones for you

Our vision of successful company

We are a dynamic employment agency, which believes that behind the success of every company are skillful and clever employees. Here applies a simple rule. By employing the appropriate and professional candidates, you offer the most quality services for your clients, thereby directly supporting the growth of your company that naturally moves towards top levels. The main pillar of prosperous company is created by a reliable, motivated, loyal and satisfied employee.

When this idea was created

The founder of our personal agency is a guy, who applied his skills and capabilities for years in the foreign. During his practice he realized that only the high-quality staff can bring a company to the dream of success. He himself met all requirements of a good employee, so the presented vision is real and feasible. If you want to be the top in your industry, then employ top employees in your company. 

How we work

1. Tell us the specific idea of the employee you need.

  1. Which position are you searching for?
  2. Which work experience the candidate must have?
  3. How many years of experience are necessary?
  4. Is a professional qualification necessary?
  5. Which language skills do you prefer?
  6. Which assumptions should the candidate meet?


2. We start searching for appropriate candidates under your requirements.

What helps us in searching for:

  1. Large database of verified candidates.
  2. Long-term experience and movement in given sector.
  3. Cooperation with vocational schools and trained candidates.
  4. Active searching for candidates through the guaranteed marketing strategies.
  5. Professional interviews that are conducted by our qualified employees.
  6. We research not only previous work experience of candidate, but also his professional qualities, ambitions and we are interested in his goals to the future.



3. The list of selected most appropriate candidates will be sent to you.

  1. You will receive the complete CVs and possible references.
  2. Interview with candidate can be also conducted via Skype.
  3. If interested in a larger number of candidates, we also provide the form of personal interview. In such case, we will ensure for you the transport from airport, accommodation and food on our own costs. 
  4. The option of final selection. The last YES or NO is in your hands.


4. Successful selection of future employee. What next?

If you choose your new employee with us, he will receive this service: 

  1. We will sign the contract with candidate
  2. We will help him with transport to a place
  3. We will provide the complete information about Norway, weather and habits.
  4. The candidate will receive a detailed manual on how to manage all necessary matters prior to beginning work. (ID number, tax number, etc.)
  5. The candidate will be fully informed before coming to a new position and you will have a one concern less.


In case that you did not choose the appropriate candidate to your new position, we will do the whole process of searching for again, so you can eventually choose the one who is good for you. 

We offer

  • Searching for employees
    Custom-made for you
  • Selection process
    Completely ensured
  • Day to day cooperation
    We are available and ready every day to help you with each problem related to your employees
  • Get employees fast
    have them working in just 2 weeks

You receive

  • Saving your time
    of searching for people
  • Quality guarantee
    employees who you will be satisfied with
  • Reducing costs
    on your employees
We help you to find top employees
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